reference generator

Project Reference for generator sets
The One, Penang
3 units of Doosan 350 KVA open type diesel genset
Straight Quay (E&O), Penang
1 unit of Perkins 650KVA & 1 unit Perkins 1500KVA
Gama Department store, Penang
1 unit of Volvo 630KVA
The Light Linear (IJM), Penang
2 units of Cummins 350KVA
B Braun, Penang
1 unit of Cummins 600KVA
(PBA) – Sungai Dua
1 unit of Cummins 1000KVA
NBCT, Penang port
4 units of Mitsubishi 2000KVA
Rental unit at factory
20KVA to 2000KVA